Brands must deliver enhanced experiences across all digital channels.

COVID-19 increased the need for brands to improve digital experiences as customers were forced en masse to digital channels. A McKinsey report found that digital adoption increased 28% to 46% across many industries. These increases are expected to be permanent, causing organizations to re-think how they deliver hyper-personalized experiences across digital channels.

digital identity management architecture

Get the blueprint for Digital Identity Management.

Find out how to create a customer journey that supports all your digital channels and gives your customers the best possible experience.  This detailed architectural blueprint shows how organizations with Teradata Vantage™ and Celebrus can:

  • Actively listen to customers and package their identity into a dataset
  • Apply AI and machine learning to predict behaviors and make recommendations
  • Activate decisions in real-time for a unique personalized experience
Digital channel optimization leads to better customer experiences

Digital identity management is the key to personalized CX in a cookie-less future.

Third-party cookies that identify website visitors are increasingly being blocked. By 2023, 90% of web visitors will no longer be able to be profiled, according to AccuraCast. This challenges marketers to change how they track visitors, personalize customer experiences (CX), and optimize digital advertising.

Failure to meet this challenge jeopardizes revenue generated through personalization and digital identity management. An inability to use cookies will impact companies’ ability to optimize advertising and manage customer journeys across channels and over time. All of this could add up to tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue for companies.

Capturing and making sense of digital customer data can be difficult

Are you having trouble with your digital experience data?

If you already have hyper-personalization solved, how do you protect the years of investment from gaps appearing in your data? Or if you’re just setting out on the journey to hyper-personalization, how will you address the industry challenges ahead?

A Forrester study found that 80% of decision makers believe data-driven CX will yield business outcomes. However, more than 60% say capturing and making sense of digital customer data is difficult. Third-party cookie deprecation escalates this problem.

Get the customer insights needed to drive personalized experiences

Get the customer insights needed to drive personalized experiences.

First-party identification and collection of every customer interaction are needed for real-time decisioning. These capabilities, along with customer analytics, are possible with a solution from Teradata and Celebrus.

We provide a solution for enterprise organizations to:

  • Drive digital identity management across all touchpoints and devices, over time
  • Eliminate gaps in data collection to answer any question and enhance CX
  • Ensure data compliance and security
  • Collect granular data on all user interactions
  • Activate data in real time to drive personalized CX

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