Shift data and move workloads between multiple cloud providers

Financial institutions are making big digitalization moves. Over the next decade, cloud will transform the industry. And the current trajectory is that this will happen using a narrow set of cloud service providers. This is precisely what has regulators worried.

When regulators act, you’ll need flexibility. With a hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure to future-proof your business, Teradata delivers this flexibility.

Operational Resilience Architecture

Get the blueprint for ensuring operational resilience.

Explore how to ensure business continuity by having the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple cloud service providers and moving back on-premises. This architectural blueprint shows how organizations with Teradata Vantage™ and Teradata’s high-speed data fabric can:

  • Increase their flexibility to avoid being locked into a single public cloud vendor
  • Connect workloads in a highly distributed environment
  • Perform queries at scale on any system on the fabric
Minimize outages and disruptions with operational resilience

Outages and disruptions are inevitable

With cloud infrastructure concentrated in the hands of a few large companies, a single point of failure can result in sweeping outages, with dire and far-reaching consequences.

Having largely solved financial resilience, regulators are now focused on Operational Resilience as the biggest near-term risk.

Operational Resilience concerns for regulators

See what has your CRO concerned

Regulators have expressed two primary Operational Resilience concerns:

  • They want to avoid a single institution becoming overly reliant on one or a very limited number of service providers. 

  • They also want to avoid large numbers of financial institutions becoming reliant on the same limited number of service providers.

  • This has ramifications not just for the CRO, but the entire C-Suite. Especially when future plans rely heavily on just a few key technology partnerships.

operational resilience

Deliver operational resilience for your business

Operational resilience in the cloud requires the ability to seamlessly move workloads between different cloud providers and back on-premises when necessary. Teradata delivers this flexibility to ensure enterprise organizations can:

  • Gain true freedom, choice, and portability to future-proof your business
  • Make any data move swiftly–with minimal disruption
  • Avoid being locked-in to a single cloud service provider
  • Meet regulator expectations and retain flexibility to adapt as the regulatory environment evolves

The future is hybrid and multi-cloud

To become the financial services institution of the future, a new kind of infrastructure is required. One that will bring the ultimate flexibility.

Shift data and move workloads between multiple cloud providers, and even back on-premises if necessary. And make any data move swift – with minimal disruption.

More freedom. More choice. More agility.

Equip your business for whatever comes next.

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